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Custodial Services

Mission Statement

The mission of the Custodial Services Department is to provide a safe, clean, healthy learning environment, for the students, staff and community through a well trained, equipped staff and new cleaning methods to achieve customer satisfaction.

Customer Requirements


All classrooms and facilities will be cleaned, ready on a daily basis for customer use.


  • Weekly check off list
  • Weekly campus visits
  • Facility usage coverage


  • All district facilities will be clean, safe, and orderly to provide a positive learning environment.


  • Benchmarks for accident rate based on district history
  • Standardize chemicals/non hazardous materials


  • The Custodial Department will use the Baldridge criteria to exceed customer expectations.


  • The use of more automated equipment for greater productivity.
  • Benchmark facility usage based on district history and industry standards
  • Proactively respond to campus emergencies.

Staff Directory

Ruben Dominguez
April Salas
Administrative Assistant
Leidy Olague
Administrative Assistant
Irene Beltran
Custodial Service Trainer
John Hernandez
Assistant Director
Melissa Beltran
Budget Specialist

East Side Coordinators

Gioconda Escobar
Night Coordinator

West Side Coordinators

Roy Canizales
Night Coordinator