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Facility Alteration Request Process

  1. A FAR form must be submitted 60 days prior to beginning work on the project.
  2. Prior to submitting the Facility Alteration Request online, approval of the request by supervisor ( Area
    Superintendent for schools and Chief for Administrative/Support Departments) should be emailed to
  3. Requestor submits the Facility Alteration Request online and emails any required documentation to
  4. The FAR committee will review the request within 20 business days once the supervisor approval and
    required documents are received.
  5. The FAR committee will contact the requestor with questions and/or decision.

If you have questions about the process, please email facility_alteration_requests@roundrockisd.org
or call 512-464-5643.

When do I use a Facility Alteration Request Form?

Facility Alteration Request Forms are used to submit facility alterations above normal maintenance. If
normal maintenance is being requested, a work order should be submitted.

Any alteration to a building or grounds needs a FAR request including:

  • painting (except for small touch-ups which are a normal work order)
  • murals
  • adding a wall or partition
  • changing a storage area into an office or classroom
  • new playground equipment, benches, trees, pathways, etc
  • new shelving or cabinets which are attached to walls, etc
  • new electrical equipment like microwaves, lights, kilns, TV, washers, refrigerators, etc
  • adding new doors, windows, flooring or electrical outlets
  • adding sheds or fences
  • anything new which physically alters building or grounds

Donations not needing a FAR: books, some furniture, rugs, etc (ie does not physically alter the building)

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