Facility Rental FAQs

Why does RRISD charge for the use of its facilities?

The Texas Constitution prohibits school districts from spending district resources to serve non-school purposes. Arguably, charging no fees at all constitutes an improper “gift of public funds” if the district is spending resources to keep its doors open for non-school use.

I am an outside vendor who would like to provide a service for Round Rock ISD.

If you are an outside vendor, you must complete the eROC paperwork at Purchasing/Vendor Information

Once you have completed the Round Rock ISD eROC Program and Vendor Registration forms, you will need to get in touch with the appropriate department:

Community Education

This department is for after school enrichment classes or summer camp vendors who request a fee beyond a supply and/or registration fee. Contact Community Education

Energy Management

This department is for outside organizations (HOAs, youth sports, churches) who would like to utilize a Round Rock ISD Facility. Go to the Energy Management website for information, or email LisaMarie Ingalls.

Rental requests are considered on a “first-come, first-served basis. Requests must be received at least twenty-one (21) District business days prior to the event. Academic, extracurricular and other school-related activities will have priority when any use is scheduled. Campus approved events must be received in the Energy Management office a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.

Do I need to have a Site Facilitator if my event is beyond school hours?

All contracted beyond school hour events require a Site Facilitator who is a Round Rock ISD employee. The Site Facilitator is required to be present at the event during the entire event. If a campus is unable to get a Site Facilitator, Energy Management may be able to assist.

Do I need to have custodial services if my event is beyond school hours?

The need for custodial services will be determined through the rental agreement process. Custodial services are at the renter’s expense.

How do I rent campus facilities?

Contact the campus directly for availability/approval. Once approved, a Facility Request Form (FRF) will be entered and sent to Energy Management. Energy Management will contact the requestor with estimated costs of rental. The renter will need to sign a rental agreement which includes providing liability insurance.

Questions regarding security/police presence at an event

Contact Safety and Security, Mario DeLaRosa (512) 428-7956 or

Outside groups may be required to have security present during an event. Custodians or facilitators will not be considered security. Security services will be coordinated with the Director of Safety and Security and are at the renter’s expense. The need for security will be determined through the rental agreement process.

Questions regarding use of Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex

Contact the Athletics Director,  Dwayne Weirich (512) 464-5485

Questions regarding use of Performing Arts Center

Contact BettyJo Byrne at (512) 464-6589

As a RRISD employee, can I utilize campus facilities?

Employees must complete a Facility Request Form (FRF) and obtain the building principal’s signature if requesting the use of facilities for anything other than, tutoring your own students or school clubs or activities of which you are a sponsor. ANY event beyond 5:00 p.m. or during summer hours (where a fee to a student is involved), requires a FRF. All beyond school hour (defined as after 5:00 p.m., weekends, or summer events), activities are required to pay a facility usage fee. If the event is beyond school hours, the employee must complete a FRF and receive approval from the campus principal. The completed FRF is entered by the campus and sent to Energy Management. Any Round Rock ISD employee requesting use of facilities outside of their contract days are also required to pay a facility usage fee.

No one (employees/PTA/boosters) is authorized to sublet or reserve District Facilities for outside organizations. Send those requests to Energy Management or Community Education. These departments will ensure the outside organization goes through the proper channels. Additionally, if an employee (off contract) wants to hold a private camp, they must go through Energy Management and pay a facility usage fee and have liability insurance.

In order to be a school-sponsored after-school activity, a district employee must be in charge of the activity and appropriate space must be available. If these conditions cannot be met, the activity is to be referred to the Community Education or Energy Management Department for consideration as an outside of school activity.

All camps held during the summer must go through Community Education to ensure that vendors/instructors have completed all necessary paperwork with the district. Summer camps will be held at three locations throughout the district to reduce energy costs.

As a Round Rock ISD employee, can I provide tutoring to a student on campus for a fee?

Employees cannot charge their own students a fee for tutoring services. If an employee wants to provide a tutoring service for other students, they must go through the process to become a vendor. Employees will be required to pay a facility usage fee.

As a Round Rock ISD employee, can I get paid to teach a class for a vendor on campus after school?

Contact Community Education to ensure that the vendor requesting services is working through the department. If they are a Round Rock ISD vendor, teachers then must complete the Community Education Teacher Acknowledgement Form. This form must be signed by the building principal which gives permission for this to occur.