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Facility Rentals

facility rentals
Round Rock ISD welcomes the use of facilities owned by the District by outside organizations and/or groups; however, such use of District facilities shall not be permitted when it interferes with the educational program of any campus or District scheduled activities, including facility maintenance and/or repair projects.

The District is a tax-supported nonprofit organization established to serve the students and youth residing within the boundaries of the District. The District may, therefore, differentiate among various categories of organizations/groups (such as youth groups, non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, and civic groups) in establishing the fee charged. All organizations/groups within the same category shall be offered fair and equal access to District facilities.

Use of Facilities Board Policy

Round Rock ISD Facility Usage


  • It is important to know who is utilizing our campuses and for what reason.
  • Establish a clear process for reserving facilities
  • Ensure that Round Rock ISD staff are available to attend the event


  • Contact the designated campus facility coordinator to reserve Round Rock ISD district facilities for events that are beyond school hours where no fee is being charged per participant.
  • For Round Rock ISD District/Non-District events that charge a fee, the facility is reserved by the campus coordinator then sent to Energy Management (EM). EM will develop a quote for use of the facility, provide a contract and obtain proof of liability insurance.


  1. Read the Facility Request Information and Instructions
  2. Complete the Facility Request Form (principal signature required).
  3. Send it to the designated campus facility coordinator
  4. Abide by all rules and regulation set forth for the use of the RRISD facility


If you are unsure if an event requires going through Energy Management, contact:

 Rachael Ghasemi or call 512-464-5111.