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Operations Staff

 Chief Operating Officer Terry Worcester 512-464-5012
Executive Assistant Debbie Mueller 512-464-5087


Construction Staff

Director Melanie Camarena 512-464-5912
Administrative Assistant Melissa Porter 512-464-5643
Construction Specialist Jennifer Tausend 512-464-5010
Project Manager Nathan Shetter 512-464-5908
Project Manager Barry Sikes 512-464-5953
Project Manager Hans Haakman 512-464-5007
Project Manager Nick Thanos 512-464-5013
Coordinator of Special Projects Frank Morris 512-464-5061
Coordinator of Special Projects Jody Nix 512-464-8355

Energy Management Staff

Assistant Director, Maintenance Glen Rhoden 512-464-5110
Technician II Isrrael Nunez 512-464-5002
Technician II Joey Mancias 512-464-5607
Utility Data Specialist Rachael Ghasemi 512-464-5011
Facility Specialist Stephanie Wiggers 512-464-5111

Custodial Service Staff

Director Ruben Dominguez 512-464-8353
Department Budget Specialist Melissa Beltran 512-464-5063
Administrative Assistant April Salas 512-464-5183
Custodial Service Trainer Irene Beltran 512-464-8351
 Coordinator John Hernandez 512-464-8352
 Coordinator Fabian Aguilar 512-464-8343
 Coordinator Gioconda Escobar 512-464-8398
 Coordinator Roy Canizales 512-464-8375
 Coordinator  Ray Salazar 512-464-6968

Maintenance Staff

Director  David Hoedebeck 512-464-8342
Assistant Director Billy Wilkes 512-464-8347
Assistant Director Glen Rhoden 512-464-5110
Budget Specialist Jackie Gordon 512-464-8344
Work Control Scheduler Ann Vance 512-464-8345
Electrical Supervisor Russell Ripple 512-464-8358
Grounds Supervisor David Gordon 512-464-8365
HVAC Supervisor Manuel Castillo 512-464-8356
Plumbing Supervisor Steven Bradford 512-464-8360
GM Supervisor Don Miller 512-464-8367
Special Systems Supervisor/Hardware Doug Owen 512-464-8336
Second Shift Supervisor Mike Ghasemi 512-464-8346