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Energy Management

Mission Statement

Energy Management’s Mission is to “Provide Comfortable and Sustainable Environments which Enhance Exemplary Academic Performance, Artistic & Innovative Ideas, Competitive Athletic Training, and Professional Business Services.” Our goal is to represent our taxpayers’ by saving money wisely. At the same time and more importantly, we provide indoor environments which allow students and staff to be successful. By being conservative-minded, we save electricity, water, and natural gas. By being environmentally aware, we reduce our demand on natural resources and we become cleaner and greener.

The Department

The Energy Management Department currently controls the conditioned environment of all district facilities by means of a centralized energy management control system. This department is also responsible for review of all utility bills for errors and recording and reporting consumption to campuses and administrative staff.

The Facility Request Department receives, reviews, and approves schedules of all district after hours facility needs. The department currently processes over 6,000 facility requests per year.

The Watt Watcher Program entails educating our students and staff and “deputizing” students to patrol their campuses for energy waste.



Facility Request

  • Use of school facilities requires that the groups or persons follow the board approved facility policy.
  • Download a Facility Request Form and Facility Requests Forms Instruction Sheet
  • Requests are then routed to Energy Management for approval and billing if applicable

Use of School Facilities Board Policy

I am an outside vendor who would like to provide a service for Round RockISD. If you are an outside vendor, you must complete the eROC paperwork at Purchasing/Vendor Information. Once you have completed the Round Rock ISD eROC Program and Vendor Registration forms, you will need to get in touch with the appropriate department.

  • Community Education: This department is for after school enrichment classes or summer camp vendors who request a fee beyond a supply and/or registration fee. Contact Community Education
  • Energy Management: This department is for outside organizations (HOA’s, youth sports, churches) who would like to utilize a Round Rock ISD Facility. Go to the Energy Management website Energy Management for information. Contact Energy Management

Do I need to have a Site Facilitator if my event is beyond school hours? 
All contracted beyond school hour events require a Site Facilitator who is a Round Rock ISD employee. The Site Facilitator is required to be present at the event during the entire event. Energy Management will be able to assist in finding a Site Facilitator for an event.

Do I need to have custodial services if my event is beyond school hours? 
The need for custodial services will be determined through the rental agreement process. Custodial services are at the renter’s expense.

How do I rent campus athletic facilities?
Contact the campus directly for availability/approval. Once approved a Facility Request Form will be entered and sent to Energy Management. Energy Management will contact the requester with estimated costs of rental. The renter will need to sign a rental agreement which includes providing liability insurance.

Questions regarding security/police presence at an event

Outside groups may be required to have security present during an event. Custodians or facilitators will not be considered security. Security services will be coordinated with the Director of Safety and Security and are at the renter’s expense. The need for security will be determined through the rental agreement process.

Questions regarding use of Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex

Questions regarding use of Performing Arts Center

As a Round Rock ISD employee, can I utilize campus facilities?
Employees must complete a Facility Request Form (FRF) and obtain the building principal’s signature if requesting the use of facilities for anything other than, tutoring your own students, school clubs or activities of which you are a sponsor. ANY event beyond 5:00 p.m. or during summer hours (where a fee to a student is involved), requires a FRF. All beyond school hour (defined as after 5:00 p.m., weekends, or summer events), activities are required to pay a facility usage fee. If the event is beyond school hours, the employee must complete a FRF and receive approval from the campus principal. The completed FRF is entered by the campus and sent to Energy Management.

No one (employees/PTA/boosters) is authorized to sub­let or reserve District Facilities for outside organizations.
 Send those requests to Energy Management or Community Education. These departments will ensure the outside organization goes through the proper channels. In order to be a school ­sponsored after­ school activity, a district employee must be in charge of the activity and appropriate space must be available. If these conditions cannot be met, the activity is to be referred to the Community Education or Energy Management Department for consideration as an outside of school activity. All camps held during the summer must go through Community Education to ensure that vendors/instructors have completed all necessary paperwork with the district. Summer camps will be held at three locations throughout the district to reduce energy costs.

As a Round Rock ISD employee, can I provide tutoring to a student on campus for a fee?
 Employees cannot charge their own students a fee for tutoring services. If an employee wants to provide a tutoring service, they must go through the process to become a vendor. Employees will be required to pay a fee through Energy Management for the use of facilities.

As a Round ISD employee, can I get paid to teach a class for a vendor on campus after school?
 Contact Community Education to ensure that the vendor requesting services is working through the department. If they are a RRISD vendor, teachers then must complete the Community Education Teacher Acknowledgement Form. This form must be signed by the building principal which gives permission for this to occur.

As a Round Rock ISD employee, can I be an instructor for a fee based class after school on my campus?
 Teachers can provide an enrichment class on their campus if it is approved by the campus principal. Contact Community Education in order to get the class set up, complete the Community Education Teacher Acknowledgement Form along with the principal signature. The teacher will need to provide Community Education with a detailed lesson plan of the class and it must be open to all students on the campus (it can be grade specific). Tutoring is an expectation and is not considered an enrichment class for this purpose. Teachers will be paid $25.00 for a one hour class along with a thirty minute preparation time which includes getting students to the class and remaining with students until picked up. If an employee wants to provide a service that is not directly after school, the employee must become a vendor and pay a fee through Energy Management for the use of facilities. It will be up to the employee to advertise the class on his/her own campus.

Watt Watchers

Elementary Campuses
The basic program gets your students to patrol the school looking for empty classrooms with the lights on. They turn out the lights and leave a reminder ticket for the teacher (or a thank you note if the lights are consistently out). The students keep track of their patrol numbers; number of lights on in use, number of lights on not in use and lights out.

Secondary Campuses
The older students perform energy audits. Auditing the number of lights on or off in areas and making reports, then re-auditing on another date. Students do not pass out tickets at this level but still make valuable observations.

At both campus levels, there are experiments and curriculum available for students which can include solar power, studying the green house effect, how to read an electric meter, doing energy audits at home and many more. The entire program is free and sponsored by the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO).

Watt Watcher Project Boxes
Available this year to check out from the Energy Management Dept. are curriculum project boxes. These boxes are available for use by the teachers as an aid to teaching. There are experiments, projects and even games. The Watt Watcher Project box has selected items taken directly from the State “Knowledge is Power” book for Watt Watchers. For a short description of each box and to view the order form please click on the link below.

Watt Watcher Project Box Request Form